Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Little Barking Seal!

Sarah has croup!!
A week and a half ago it was Natalie and now Sarah. I am praying that Nathan doesn't get it!!
Sarah however landed herself in the ER. She sounded bad but not THAT bad today, and never ran a fever more than 100.5 Later as daddy was on his way home and I was bathing the kids I began to notice some stridor in her breathing. By the time Daddy got home, he felt it was a good idea to take her in to get a breathing treatment and steroids. So, off went daddy and Sarah.
It turned out that she had a fever of 103 while at the hospital. She was given a racemic epi. breathing treatment and steroids(Dex) and some Tylenol. Sweet girl. She didn't like that silly smoky breathing tube. Joe said she cried and cried. She got to drink her medicine and they released them home.
Ah sweet Sarah. She had such a tiny little patient wrist band. Mommy cut that one off for the scrapbook. Her first visit back to a hospital since she was born.
Bring out the vaporizers and the sleeping bags, mommy's having a sleepover in Sarah's room tonight!!
Can't you smell the Vick's????

Monday, October 13, 2008

Watch This!

I am sure most of you have already seen this one. It's a new one to me!! I think it's great!

Monday, September 29, 2008

How Crazy Am I???


That is what I must have looked like today!!!!!

To no ones surprise I was running a bit late this morning, trying to get two little ones off to different schools with their made to order lunches and backpacks in hand. While waiting in the carpool line at Natalie's school I got out of the van and had to wipe her face which I had forgotten to do and unbuckle her so she would be ready to get out of the car. When it was her turn to get out she resisted and I had to get out again to help one of the teachers help Natalie to her classroom line. After taking her to school and battling with the fact that she wouldn't get out of the car, I headed to Hobby Lobby with Sarah. We made it there early and I leisurely unloaded Sarah and placed her in the cart and made my way to find the things that I needed. I saw several workers and the place was really pretty nice because it wasn't busy at all. I had to ask one worker where an item was located and past several people walking from aisle to aisle. I made my way back to the front of the store and ran into a friend of mine and chatted for a minute or two. I then checked out and chatted with a very friendly and sweet clerk. Sarah and I made our way home, and I even stopped to treat myself to a fountain diet coke. We were at home for a while and I got a snack for Sarah and we played a bit. Eventually, I needed to change her diaper so I took her into her room and lifted her onto the changing table. As I did, I looked down at my shirt.
I looked again.....


I laughed out loud so very hard. Sarah thought I was very funny!

I thought to myself what a totally goober I am. I was in such a rush that I put my shirt on the wrong way??? What???? I never stopped to look at myself because I was walking and dressing at the same time. You mom's know what I am talking about, right?? I then began to recount where I had been and how many people saw me. I can't believe that not one single person, not one said......, "Hey Lady!", "Yeah you!", "Your shirt is on wrong side out!" Is this what happens in your late thirties??? Did people think that I was performing an experiment, or that I was just plain sad??

When Joe got home I told him about it and showed him what the shirt looked like on the wrong way. He laughed!!


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Baby Cardio!

I have a new idea!!

Here's an alternative to the jog stroller!

There should be something called "baby cardio." Here's how the class would work.........

Every adult attending class would be assigned a baby to chase. Then each pair would be assigned a team color. Each participant would have matching wristbands. After all we have to account for everyone! They would then be placed in an area that has several potential hazards, such as sharp pointed edge to the bleachers in the area. This area would have stairs they could possible tumble down. Plus, cubbies with dirty shoes that the babies/toddlers would keep trying to chew on!! Not to mention the icky sweat laced carpet that the participants would be asked to keep the baby from rolling around on and possibly licking. As well as, keeping them from eating old pieces of fuzz and leftover snacks found under the bleacher and under the tables. Participants would be asked to keep the child safe at all times and make sure that the child is not injured in any way.

The duration of the class would be approximately 45 minutes.

During this time you would be taunted by others, saying things like, "Wow! That baby keeps you busy". or, "You sure have your hands full"! or, "Look at her GO"!

After the 45 minutes are up cool down would consist of retrieving an additional child and making your way down the stairs to a vehicle strapping both kids in to car seats and making it home safely amidst several requests for water and food!

Any takers????

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy 8th Anniversary!!!!!

***Mushy Gushy alert!!

This post is all about my awesome husband and how much I love him, so if you aren't looking to read sweet and sappy, move along!

Today my husband and I have been married for 8 years!!

It is hard to believe that sentence. It seems like it has flown by. The above picture is our engagement picture. We look so young in this photo!! I remember being so excited to take this picture and have it run in the paper to proudly announce I would finally be married to Joe. Three cities, and three kids later, I think about how much has happened in 8 years. I look back fondly upon the anticipation of marriage and spending my life with Joe. I am so thankful for the many blessings God has given me. Especially for my Joe and our children. God has seen it fit to give me the most amazing man to spend my life here on earth with, of which I don't even deserve. A man who loves God, loves me, and loves our kids. My best friend!!

I thought about writing my 8 favorite things about my hubby, but that wouldn't be enough.....

I thought about writing about each city we lived in........

I thought about writing each letter of the alphabet and a little something about him.....

I thought about writing about my favorite memory of him with each of our children.....

I thought and thought.......

I scrapped those ideas!
Here's just a few of the reasons why I'm glad that he is my husband and well........ a few random things about him that I want to remember one day when I am old and gray!!!

He can make me laugh and laugh and laugh!!

He is quite sensitive while looking rugged and manly.

He likes to sing with me in the car and change up all the lyrics to say something really funny.

He is easy on the eyes.

His hugs make me feel so secure.

He loves Jesus.

He adores each of our children, and always thinks of them.

He is responsible financially, and provides for our family.

He thinks of our future.

He is a man of integrity at home and at work, no matter what others do.

He takes his job seriously and does a thorough job... no short cuts. His patients love him.

He's very handsome!!!

He's compassionate.

He loves.

He makes the best chocolate milkshake ever!

He loves me.

He loves me unconditionally.

He has plans for us.

He is not a workaholic and puts us first before career.

He makes the best bananas foster ever.

He can play baseball really well but doesn't show off.

He's a doctor but he'd really rather be addressed as Joe. ( funny story for later)

He gives all the kids their nicknames.

He loves history.

He is a great dancer.

He is patient with me whenever we have tried playing sports together, even though I am terrible at most sports.

He likes to help with the shopping.

He loves animals.

He leads with ease, and without making me feel beneath him.

He wants our kids to know Jesus.

He is wise.

He'd rather be with us at home, than with the guys any day.

He loves sports.

He is a loyal friend.

He thinks things through.

He seems serious to others in public, but will wrestle and play with the kids and do some of the funniest things when it is just us and the kids.

He loves his mom and dad.

He doesn't worry about what other people think!

He lets me ramble on and on about everything going on with me and about my day, no matter how tired he is when he gets home from work.

He likes to get the mail.

He made me a wife.

He made me a mommy.

He doesn't blog but doesn't make me feel silly because I like too!

He's protective.

He is a man of few words.

He is an incredible judge of character when I have been dreadfully wrong, and he never made me feel bad about it.

He gets me!

Happy Anniversary!
I love you babe!

Monday, June 2, 2008


I love Pigs!!

Yes, that's right.

I love pigs, but not for the reason you are probably thinking. Yes, I can be sweet and say I love Charlotte's Web and I would save a pig too. They really are cute when they are little. However, I think I am too in love with ham, bacon, and pork tenderloin to go vegetarian again. Why are those things soooo good??? I have even witnessed surgeries (in my OR circulating days) for which patients received a new heart valve due to our friend the pig!

No, it is not only for the edible delicacies that I love pigs. Or the sweet children's stories, that warm your heart and have even made me cry at times. Or even the amazing heart valve replacement surgery.

No..... I have a new found reason to love pigs!!


In 1921, a man named Dr. Fredrick Banting ( and his Med student) had a thought. I think I will grind up some pig pancreas and see what will happen if I inject it into a dog. Voila!!! Insulin!!!

Okay..... It was a little more complicated than that. Most importantly some of the first insulins were made from pig pancreas. Later, I believe they were a mixture of both pig and steer. And now I believe they are all synthetic. Don't hold me to all the details. It has been a while since nursing school. If you are into all the history stuff check out these links

Yes, I have been newly reminded of yet another reason for being in love with these pink pudgy little guys.

God made pigs. God blesses man with incredible intelligence to figure out how to create insulin.

Man uses this knowledge, for many years scientist work hard to improve insulin and now today (several times a day) one of my dearest friends can inject a greatly refined potion into her little girls arms and legs, and save her life! Wow!!


Saturday, April 5, 2008

Prayers Please!!

Yesterday my brother-in-law's sister was shot and killed outside of her office in San Antonio. She was an internal medicine doctor, and the shooter was a patient.

I sent many family and friends e-mails personally to request prayer on the family's behalf. I may have missed some, for whom I do not have e-mail. So, if you have found your way here and have not received an e-mail from me please do shower this family with your prayers.

Julie is her name. We have comfort knowing that she was a believer. We know she is with her Lord. However, the suffering that her family is enduring is still very hard. It is all so shocking. So, unimaginable.

I am still taking so much of this in. I will post more about my thoughts later. For now, please pray!!